Corrosion-free and significantly lighter

New: GRAF plastic cover for car traffic

We are expanding our range of covers for telescopic manholes. For the first time, the cover for the 600 passenger car telescopic manhole is made of plastic. Like the cast-iron alternative, the plastic cover can be driven over in accordance with Class B up to a weight of 3.5 tons. It is also corrosion-free and significantly lighter.

Corrosion often occurs with cast iron coping. However, homeowners do not like rust stains amidst the pavement of yard driveways or patios. Using a plastic cover prevents this from happening in the first place. Made of black plastic, our cover is about 75% lighter than comparable cast iron covers. Weighing only 11 kg, the plastic cover can be easily removed by one person for inspection or cleaning. On the other hand, to make it difficult for children to lift the cover, it can be locked with a hexagonal key. For easier removal, we also offer a lifting aid.

The new 600 Pkw telescopic manhole complements the GRAF Carat and Platin tank series and the manhole systems offered. As is usual with our dome manholes, this one is also infinitely adjustable in height and can be tilted up to 5°. This allows it to be adjusted flush with the top edge of the terrain. This ensures a valuable overall appearance of the area and avoids protruding tripping edges.