Klaro Retrofitting up to 5,000 inhabitants for concrete tanks (onsite concrete)

Special requirements

Systems for more than 50 inhabitants work on the same principle as small wastewater treatment systems and use the SBR process. Because of the special requirements involved, all systems for more than 50 inhabitants are planned as individual projects. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians will help you to plan your project. We take all local circumstances into account from the concept planning phase to implementation.


To plan your system, we need the following information:

  • What type of project? (Domestic, hotel, commercial etc.)
  • How many people will use the system and what is the water consumption per head?
  • What legal requirements apply to wastewater at the location?
  • Local power grid

Technical Components

In systems for over 50 inhabitants, the technical components are securely housed in the control cabinet or a plant room. The standard technical components of a wastewater treatment system include:

  • Air compressor
  • Magnetic distributor manifold
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Cooling fan
  • Main switch

Additional technical components

The modular design of our treatment technology allows various additional components to be added at any time. These include:

  • Dosing technology (e.g. for phosphate precipitation)
  • UV hygiene module (Disinfection)
  • Warning lights
  • Soundproof hood for air compressor
  • Remote monitoring


max. inhabitants Depth [mm]Total volume [l]Nominal power [kW]order no.add to enquiry
1002500--on request
2002750830002'4on request
3003001260004'0on request
40030001620007'8on request
50030002110007'8on request
60030002410002X4'0on request
70030002730002X4'0on request
80030003130002x7'8on request
90030003500002x7'8on request
100030004000002x7'8on request

calculated size Request for information