Grey water system grey2clean, package for Platin flat tank, ideal combination with our cesspools

Where to use grey2clean?

  • Holiday houses with separated sewer lines
  • Sauna houses
  • Permanant houses with separated sewer lines

Advantages system

  • Very high cleaning performace 93% BOD5
  • Test by independed Institution (PIA)
  • Easy and fast to maintain thanks to Securix filter
  • No mechanical parts
  • Process can be adjusted if required
  • Simple control
  • Easy and stable technology
  • Effluent water can be infiltrated

Advantages filter

  • Hydraulic overload protection thanks to Securix choke
  • Constant outflow thanks to the swimming choke
  • Self cleaning choke notch
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable filter element




max. daily flow [l/d]order no.add to enquiry
for 1500 l tank380106686
for 3000 l tank760106687
for 5000 l tank1270106688
for 7500 l tank1900106689

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