KLsepa.compact+ class I Coalescence separator

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Separator systems for light fluid liquids class I + II
Separators are needed wherever water is contaminated with oils and other light liquids. Separator systems are classified according to NS (nominal size). When you submit an enquiry for a separator system, we calculate the NS you require based on the EN 858 part 2. Operators of the following facilities must ensure that a suitable, functioning separator is installed: Car washes, workshops, fuel stations, vehicle fleets, hazardous goods stores

Coalescence separator and fuel separator
The KLsepa.compact+ separator systems are coalescence separators of class I. They feature an additional coalescence unit that enables a much higher degree of separation. The KLsepa. compact separator systems are fuel separators of class II. A fuel separator achieves a degree of separation of less than 100 mg residual oil per litre of water. With a coalescence unit, this can be reduced to less than 5 mg/l.



NS [l/s]Leichtflüssigkeitsspeicher [l]Sludge [l]Volume [l]Ø max. [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]order no.add to enquiry

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Technical details


max. earth covering [mm] (without groundwater, vehicle loading) 1200


max. axle load [t] 10
max. vehicle weight [t] 60
Earth covering with loading capacity [mm] 700 - 1200

Groundwater installation

Earth covering with groundwater installation [mm] 700 - 1200


Connections DN 150